To ensure all of our tamariki achieve success within our culturally dynamic society. Child%20small%2002


We aim to help our students contribute positively to their own wellbeing, and that of society and the environment, through our example and our teaching and learning programmes.

This vision is underpinned by

values and concepts

such as respect, honesty, compassion, trust and integrity and

  • Maanakitanga – welcoming all of our guests and new whanau
  • Whaanaungatanga- connecting with others through shared experience
  • Kotahitanga – promote unity by all working toward a common goal

We will support the development of these values and concepts through the development      

of the

Woodstock Learner

The Woodstock Learner:

Builds Positive Relationships by:

  • developing empathy and respect for other people and cultures
  • developing a positive self-image
  • recognising the importance of relationships in the wider world e.g. Science, Environment. Education, the Arts, Technology
  • developing ability to communicate cooperatively
  • developing a sense of fairness and social justice

Participates and Contributes by:

  • leadership activities
  • including others
  • showing responsibility through thoughts and actions
  • showing citizenship
  • being community minded

Self-Manages by:

  • being motivated to do our best
  • demonstrating perseverance in order to achieve
  • continually developing self-awareness and well-being
  • showing resilience in difficult situations
  • being resourceful in solving our own problems

Thinking Constructively (continual focus) by:

  • being reflective
  • exploring knowledge
  • creating new knowledge
  • being innovative
  • being problem solvers
  • developing creativity

Being an Effective Communicator (continual focus) by:

  • using the language of each curriculum area to express our knowledge and understandings of the world around us, access new knowledge and interact with others
  • using appropriate ICT skills to enhance learning and communication