Basketball Half Court

We are extremely grateful to the Grassroots Trust who contributed the majority of the cost towards our basketball half court.   The remainder of the cost was generously paid for from our Board’s funds.   This facility not only benefits Woodstock’s tamariki but also our wider school community.

Soccer Goal Posts

Woodstock School has been lucky enough to receive $1,532 from New Zealand Communities Trust for one set of new, full sized, soccer goals.   This was delightfully received by our keen soccer players.  They are getting great use both during school time and at the weekend. We would like to thank the PTA for all their efforts with this fundraiser and also NZCT for their generous donation.


 IT Equipment Upgrade

We are extremely grateful to the Trillian Trust for their contribution of $7,549.90 towards the new IT equipment placed within the school.  Two rooms received Interactive Panels to replace aging projecting equipment.  Another room received an audio sound system, that amplifies the teacher’s voice.  This makes it very easy for the children to listen to the teacher in all areas of the classroom.  Likewise, we would like to acknowledge the PTA who also contributed funds to this project.  The teachers and children in the rooms effected are wrapped with the new equipment they received.


Swimming Pool Upgrade

We are thankful for the grants received from Trust Waikato, Wel Energy Trust and the Lion Foundation to help us upgrade our swimming pool facilities.  With the help of the PTA these trusts, the Board have been able to resurface the school pool and also purchase a pool cover and new steps into the pool. The cover will help the pool water stay warmer and cleaner.

New Playground

Our new playground has become a popular feature of the school. It is used not only during school time, but also by the community after our children have gone home. The staff and children of Woodstock School are extremely grateful to the Trillian Trust who contributed $15,000 towards stage one of our project and to Trust Waikato who gifted $6903 for stage two. Our PTA and BOT funded the remaining amount towards the total cost of the project. This joint funding approach has enabled our children to keep active, challenge themselves and develop their motor skills while of course having FUN on the playground.  Without the support of all these groups, this project could not have happened as schools do not get funding for projects like this from the Ministry of Education. Thanks again to all those who have contributed.  It is a great asset to our school and enjoyed by many children.

WSUF01_Room21 - LVQ00758_0521_001

Turf Project

The resurfacing of our original court area with Tiger Turf was a long term project for the school.  After huge fundraising efforts from our PTA and generous grants from Grassroots Trust, Wel Energy Trust and Trust Waikato, the vision finally became a reality for the school.  As well as looking visually appealing, the turf has become a real asset for Woodstock School.   It provides a great training base for many of our sports teams and gives a safe playing area for our children during break times.  Mike Conlon had the honour, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, of cutting the official ribbon when the turf was opened.