Move It, Challenge It

The Year 4-6 children put in a mighty effort during their Move it, Challenge it day.  There were some great performances during the Cross Country section of the day resulting in a lot of tired but happy children at the end.  The results were as follows:

Year 4 Girls

1st. Maya Trower

2nd Isa De Bruijn

3rd.Milan Nordstrom

4thSamantha Gilman

Year 4 Boys

1st. Amato Hemara-O’Leary

2nd. Vince Lenden

3rd equal William Conlon

3rd equal Asher Downing

Year 5 Girls

1st. Libby Strawbridge

2nd. Bella Stroud

3rd. Lydia Corbett

4th. Eleina Ieremia

Year 5 Boys

1st. Mac Stroud

2nd. Bradley Rowell

3rd. Samuel Engelbrecht

4th. Cayden McLean

Year 6 Girls

1st. Ruby Harris

2nd. Eva Donkin

3rd.Ryan Maiava

4th. Ella Wilson

Year 6 Boys

1st. Korbin Goodin

2nd. Ethan Johnson

3rd. Alex Hooper

4th. Takalangi Katoa