COVID-19 UPDATE: We are not currently accepting any International Students due to Covid-19 until further notice.  

We are very pleased to welcome all International Students to our school and hope your association with us will be positive and enjoyable. We are very proud of our school and look forward to working with you.

We are a school very much devoted to developing the abilities, talents and interests of each pupil under our care. Our staff are a dedicated, hard working and enthusiastic group of people who greatly appreciate support and understanding of the task faced in educating children. We welcome and encourage a positive partnership between the school and home and strive to ensure that communication is effective and informative. When parents and teachers co-operate positively, children reap the benefits.

Our school will offer your child many new experiences and plenty of challenges. We hope children will participate with success and enjoyment in all we have to offer. We have special “English as a Second language” programmes to support our International Students.

We believe that having International students at our school benefits everyone and promotes International understanding between countries.

We hope you will involve yourself in the activities of the school and assist us meet the needs of children and make Woodstock School a positive place to be.

Watch here for a Video overview of Woodstock School

For more information or details on how to enrol an international student, please contact our office: [email protected]