Woodstock School’s Care Code

We care about ourselves
We care about each other
We care about our learning
We care about our environment

Enviroschools is working towards this vision through a whole school approach to environmental education. Students develop skills, understanding, knowledge and confidence through planning, designing and creating a sustainable school. Action projects undertaken by enviroschools have both environmental and educational outcomes that benefit the school and the wider community.

Enviroschools takes an holistic approach to environmental education. This approach is also known as education for a sustainable future, education for sustainable development or sustainable education.

Enviro Blog

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Past Enviro Happenings

View our 2018 Enviro Blog to find out about our Enviro events and happenings

View our previous enviro projects and learnings we have worked upon as a school prior to 2018 


A beautiful piece by Radio New Zealand on Avis Leeson who helped Woodstock and 84 other schools get their school gardens started. This interview features a group of very capable Enviro Agents who proudly represent Woodstock and our environmental programme.

Here we are on Mish Mash TV