Enrolment Scheme

Woodstock School has had an enrolment scheme in place since the end of 2006. An enrolment scheme helps prevent the school from being overcrowded. All new students within our home zone are always welcome and have the right to attend Woodstock School.

Families who live outside the home zone can only attend the school if there is a place available for them. This applies, ALSO to new students who live outside our zone but have brothers or sisters already at Woodstock School. However, during a ballot these students have priority.

So that effective teaching and learning can continue, the Board of Trustees has decided that we will monitor our roll numbers closely and make a decision about how many places will be available for new students across our school. Positions for out of zone students will be advertised twice a year.

If you know of anyone who is planning on enrolling at Woodstock School and lives within our zone please encourage them to contact the School Office.  Please help by letting us know of siblings who have not yet started school, even if they are in our zone.

Woodstock Enrolement zone map redrawn 2015

The zone is described below.

  • River Road (east & west sides) from Perindale Drive to the Whitiora overbridge and roads leading off: Perindale, Donny, Arran, Braithwaite, Chartwell, Cussen, Banbury, Ingleton, Riverview, Tamihana.
  • Clarkin Road (Northern side) to Bankwood Road and roads leading off: McNicol, Golden.
  • Clarkin Road (southern side) to Heaphy Tce and roads leading off: Dalethorpe, Haultain, Le Quesne.
  • Heaphy Tce (both sides) to Boundary Road and roads leading off (west side only): Tranmere, Searancke, Fairfield, Verel, Winter, Howden, Bettina, Moncrieff.
  • Boundary Road (both sides) from Heaphy Tce to Gwynne Place and north side roads leading off: Marne and Casey
  • Gwynne Place (northern side) from Whitiora Bridge to Victoria Street
  • Victoria Street (eastern side) from Gwynne Place up to and including Maeroa Road (between Victoria and Ulster Streets) and the following roads leading off: Dillicar, Kotahi, Airdre and Cardrona.
  • Roads included: Strowan, Woodstock, Anson, Ranfurly, Moule, Balloch, Gardiner, Treloar, Rumney, Martin, Tiffiney, Mayfair, Charmaine, Conway, Chelsea, Pollock, Kelly, Sale, Armitage.

Woodstock School Enrolments

Woodstock School is governed by an enrolment scheme. Click here for current ballot information

Application forms are available from the school office or  Download the out of home zone application form here.

Print out, complete and deliver to Woodstock School, 21 Woodstock Road, Fairfield, Hamilton

ph (07) 855 6686
fax (07) 853 7056
email: [email protected]