The Conductive Education Unit is a Government Funded Department integrated in Woodstock Primary School, Hamilton. If you have a child that you think may need specialised education and may qualify for the on-going resource scheme (ORS), then we maybe able to help.

Our Philosophy and Aim
Our philosophy is to teach children with motor disabilities to function as independently as possible.

Our aim is to provide and environment which develops the whole child – physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally – to enhance their lives and provide greater opportunities though out their life.

What is Conductive Education?

Conductive Education is an active and open lifelong approach to education for many children and adults. This type of education is best described as holistic learning infused with physical therapy to help individuals live with their disabilities without fighting against them. It is a method of learning suited to their own way of doing ‘everyday things’. It helps individuals facilitate and manage their difficulties in a socially inclusive environment.  You can visit the Conductive Education New Zealand website to find out more information about our philosophy and programme.

Education for Conductive Education Week

Working Together

Conductive Education it is not a cure – it is a long term process that can transform lives of many who, with support of their families and friends, are willing to stay committed, determined and motivated. The ultimate goal is to allow them to achieve their full potential in everyday situations today as well as in the future.

“PROMOTING confidence and understanding in each child rewarding efforts and building life skills”

Our Curriculum

Conductive Education helps students build their cognitive skills as well as learn to use alternate strategies to accomplish common motor tasks such as sitting, standing, walking, dressing and eating.

Interwoven into Conductive Education is the NZ expanded Curriculum framework and the New Zealand Curriculum. This creates a balanced individualised programme for the child. Literacy and mathematics are an integral part of this.

We also have a big learning focus each term covering the Science, the Arts, Social Science and Technology curriculums. When possible and appropriate the children spend time in mainstream classes.  They also get to take part in school sports activities where appropriate e.g.  enviro agents, kapahaka and cross country .

Contact Us

A copy of our Conductive Education Prospectus  can be found here.

If you have any further questions, or would like to discuss any part of Conductive Education, please e-mail the school at [email protected]

Conductive Education Woodstock School
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Ph: 64 07 8556686

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