Academic Achievement

ICAS Results 2016

The ICAS assessments are developed by Educational Assessment Australia (EAA) has been delivering ICAS to school students for over 30 years.

EAA is an international educational assessment organisation specialising in large-scale measurement and assessment programs in Australia and 20 countries globally. It is the largest independent provider of school competitions and assessments in the region, with almost one million entries received each year. Certificates are given based on student results.
– High Distinction – top 1% of all participants
– Distinction – next 10% of all participants
– Credit – next 25%
– Merit – next 10%
– Participation – for the remaining participants

Below are our latest results for the students sitting these exams at Woodstock School earlier this year. We would like to congratulate all students for participating in the exam, as it can be quite a challenging experience, and special congratulations to those students who achieved merit and credit; Ella Payne Jackson Brough, Theo Bankers, Allen Yuan, Amy Donkin, Cara Macpherson William Conlon, Milan Nordstrom, Hinekoia Hemara-O’Leary, Lucy Downing. We also have some very talented students who achieved distinction; Theo Bankers, Brendan He, Samantha Gilman, Cayden McLean, Beth Clearwater and high distinction; Allen Yuan, William Conlon. They are very clever thinkers




















Digital Technologies:
Year 4:
Participation Ella Payne, Ethan Lee, Gabby Hall
Credit Judah Downing

Year 5:
Participation Heemi Tipene, Pippa Morgans, Thayne McHardie, Asher Downing, Kalan Drewer
Merit Samantha Gilman
Credit Jackson Brough
Distinction Allen Yuan
High Distinction Theo Bankers

Year 6:
Participation Lucy Downing, Sophie Morgans
Credit Alisha Prasad


Year 4:
Participation Ethan Lee, Gabby Hall, Tasya Brough
Credit Judah Downing, Ella Payne,

Year 5:
Participation Heemi Tipene, Pippa Morgans, Asher Downing, Samantha Gilman
Credit Allen Yuan
Distinction William Conlon, Theo Bankers

Year 6:
Participation Sophie Morgans, Cayden McLean, Kaz Lohrer, Beth Clearwater


Hamilton City Council Award Winners

Here is our winning song – Whakanui, winner of the Hamilton City Council 150th City Anniversary Celebrations.










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